Pets international transport professional .

Our purpose is to organize pets transport

For you, we organize a door to door transport of your pet be it by road, sea or plane.

With close collaboration with national and international airlines , we take in charge the transport of your dog, cat or any NOC to any country on a door to door service.

Because of our long lasting experience in pets transport, we are able with situation to any unexpected problem.

Our agreements and our contacts with the airlines are the guaranty for the comfort of your pets during the move.

But the most important with our context is love and respect for pets.

Chien voyageur

Numerous collaborations for our pets transports.

We are close to ANIMALSAWAY1 New York so with PETPORT South Africa, SNOOPYPETS Dubai BVC Abu Dhabi DELMON RELOCATION Bahrein and TRANSCONTROL Brazil and many others .

Agreements certificates and authorizations

Certificat “Certificat de capacité“ obtained in 2002 from the DDPP Ariège. Agreement for road transport of pets for less and more than 8 hours n° 09021.
Certificat “Certificat de capacité“ to own and manage kennels and cattery obtained by the DDPP ex DSV (Direction of veterinary services).
Certificat Authorized road transport for less than 8 hours.
Certificat Unique French member of the American Organization IPATA.
Certificat The only one to have the Legal Nursing diploma for AP Paris.
Groupe d'animaux